Our team strives to serve you in the best way possible. This is because we love our authentic and homemade products and because we fight for a purpose. We donate our net profit to operation Antardristi. Operation Antardristi supports child survivors of sexual abuse. A purpose worth fighting for. 

Sabita Khadra

Barista and waitress

Genuine, hardworking and generous. Her smile will be enough for you to feel welcome.

Passion: cooking and serving delicious yummylicious food and enjoying food in good company.
Hobbies: experimenting with new dishes, organizing diners and going to the movies.

Srijana Ale

Barista and waitress

Humorous, optimistic and hardworking. Srijana creates a good work environment.
Passion: Srijana has a passion for singing and she loves coffee!
Hobbies: singing and listening to music.