Our story and mission

We are a café with a purpose. We serve authentic and homemade products and we’re donating our net profit to project Antardristi. Antardristi is a project run by women to offer support to child survivors of sexual abuse. A purpose worth fighting for!

Since 2007, project Antardristi has opened three residential centers in Kathmandu (2007), Pokhara (2008) and Hetauda (2010) to provide counseling and support to child survivors of sexual abuse. Till the end of 2012, They’ve reached 48.653 people. This is from 25 districts of Nepal and they are the direct beneficiaries. More than 150 cases have been seen and provided counseling to by one of Antardristi's residential centers.

Antardristi means 'inner eye'  in Nepalese.

We offer: teacher sensitivity training, community outreach, awareness classes and mothers' groups, counselling services, residential centers, access to education, other reintegration activities.

Educate the community. Empower the survivors. Eradicate the violence.