Alpine Coffee Estate Pvt. Ltd.

Alpine Coffee Estate is located in the foothills of Nuwakot, 35 Kilometers north from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. 
The farm is focused on producing the best quality, single Estate coffee in Nepal. The farm is located in an altitude of 1150 meters upto 1300 meters. Beginning from selection of perfect ripe cherries, to separation of floaters from sinkers, to pulping within 30 minutes after the separation process, and then immediately into fermentation tanks, it all happens here.

"Producing highest quality Single Estate- Premium Specialty Organic Arabica.

Product Profile: Himalayan Arabica, Specialty, Organic, Shade Grown, Highland, Wet Processed, Hand Sorted, Bird Friendly.

Tasting Notes: Full Body, Floral Aroma, Mild Orange Rind with Sweet Nutty Caramel Chocolate Flavor, Decent Acidity, Well Balanced.

100% Organic, Specialty Coffee